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An adult user is classified as a student 18 years of age and older and has graduated from High School or obtained a GED. Dream Catcher is a life changing, self directed curriculum that offers a few ways of benefiting from the curriculum. For adult use Dream Catcher is broken into two modes. Journey Mode and Adult Accelerated mode.

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Product Description

Journey Mode: Journey mode is the complete 8 lesson curriculum designed to help students understand and discover purpose for their lives and aligns purpose and who they are  with the most suitable career paths. Journey mode is self directed and ensures that the student has what they need to complete Dream Catcher without case manager/counselor or instructor supervision. Students are walked through an in debt self exploration, career analysis, planning and execution process to achieve the goal of discovering purpose and the most suitable career path.

Adult Accelerated Mode (A/C): Adult Accelerated mode is an abbreviated version of the Dream Catcher curriculum. This version of Dream Catcher is designed for students who already have an idea of the career direction they are going and a good grasp of who they are but may need some reinsurance. Adult Accelerated Mode focuses on the key components of obtaining and understanding true success, choosing the right career path, putting together a plan of action and execution strategy as well as a bonus interview lesson with some of the most important universal interview questions that one should be prepared for. Students will be able to record themselves answering questions and upload the link to mentors.

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Journey Mode, Adult Accelerated Mode

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